Mom/Dad/Baby/Wedding/Grandparents greeting cards with an expressive edge

**Also available: You can have us personalize and mail the card out for you.** Cards are 4.5 by 6.5 inches, shiny coated, press printed on premium 100 lb card stock and comes with a white wove envelope.

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New Baby Greeting Card 14-100

Outside: "Twos' a couple, Threes' a family" A baby is born, So gentle, so free, A brave new world, ready to see, Alive with your hopes, your dreams, Your wishes, your schemes, So loved, so cherished, A life so dear, You will always be there, You will always be near, So soft, so fragile, A teardrop, a warm smile, You are now family - Mother, Father, and Child

Inside: Babies are so cute, Except when you have to change their diapers, Then it's ....................... Lord have Mercy !

BAB 14-100Regular: $2.00Special: $1.50
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Mom Greeting Card 10-104

Outside: Do your homework, Do your housework, Make your bed, Be home by 10 instead, Don't play in the rain, You're driving mom insane, Eat your brussels sprout, It's time for your paper route, Don't play with your food, Don't be so rude, How many times must I say no, Don't mop the floor so slow, Close the door to the fridge, Don't jump off the bridge, Give the dog a bath, Be good or suffer god's wath, Clean your room, Sweep the floor with the broom, Don't sit so close to the TV, Don't loose your only key, Apologize to your sister, Call the nice man mister, Say sorry to your brothers, Don't make fun of others, Go to bed without any supper, Be nice cause I'm you mother, You are grounded for the week, Take a bath or else you're gonna reek, Don't put your feet on the table, Go find a job cause you're young and able, Time to go to bed, You heard what I said, You can play tomorrow, No need to buy when you can borrow, Go read your book, Don't give me that dirty look, Wash your hands before supper, You'll get hurt if you play any rougher, Mom is always right, Give mom a kiss before you say good night

Inside: I hear you, Mom, I hear you!

MOM 10-104Regular: $2.00Special: $1.50
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Dad Greeting Card 09-102

Outside: Stand up tall and be proud, But don't be so obnoxious and so loud, Go and mow the lawn, Get your share before it's gone, Always reach for the sky, Be honest and don't lie, Go and learn your art, know what you want from the very start, Learn as much as you can, Listen and understand, Try to go for the gold, Know now before you're too old, Show respect to others, cause we're all sisters and brothers, We're all in it together, Teamwork is forever, Follow your dreams, Follow those schemes, You should always say please, You shouldn't taunt and tease, Read your books and study, I'm you Dad your buddy, Go and wash the car, Practice hard and one day you'll be a star, help others in need, Be All that you can be, Hold your head up while you walk, Look me in the eye while you talk, Don't waste your money, Life is not so funny, An honest day's work deserves a honest day's pay, You work hard but you should also play, Let it out and say what have to say, Never give up for there will always be a way, Be proud of who you are, Be determined and you will go far, Follow your heart, Always do your part

Inside: I hear you, Dad, I hear you!

DAD 09-102Regular: $2.00Special: $1.50
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Wedding Greeting Card 11-100

Outside: "The Dawning of Two Hearts Beating as One" The beating of hearts, The meeting of eyes, The day you both met, Fireworks lit up the sky, A perfect couple, Two angels in heaven, A love no one can deny, Made for each other, A marriage destined to last forever, Together you shall share the pleasures of life, Together you shall share the treasures of being Husband and Wife

Inside: You finally caught yourself a keeper, Now you can skin it, fry it up, and eat it!......Congratulations!

MAR 11-100Regular: $2.00Special: $1.50
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Grandparents Greeting Card 15-100

Outside: "Ode to Grandparents" Their lives span over a thousand years, And probably span a thousand more, They are a wealth of knowledge, They seen it all before, They were Knights at King Arthur's round table, They were Musicians in Beethoven's fifth, They were Farmers in the great depression, They were Hippies in the counter culture, They were Cyberfreaks in the computer revolution, Everywhere you turn to, Everywhere you look, Grandma and Grandpa have been there, like the lines in a history book, They're Shakespeare, Einsten, Darwin, Mozart, all roll into one, Try to find anybody as worldly and you'll find there are none, I'm glad they are my grandparents, I'm glad they are still around, If I ever need a question answered or a personal problem solved, I just turn to my grandparents and I know the answer will be found

Inside: Q: How did Grandpa meet Grandma? A: By hitting her over the head with a club and then dragging her into his cave...........How romantic!

GND 15-100Regular: $2.00Special: $1.50
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