Click to enlargeAnniversary Greeting Card 06-101

Outside: "Always"

Inside "Design paper with the following"

Left Top: "Yesterday" The moment I saw you I knew it had to be, That we will be together from youth to eternity, To share our joys, to share our fears, To share our happiness, to share our tears, You can call it magic, call it fate, call it together forever, even when we're knocking on heaven's gate

Left Bottom: "Today" From the day we met to this very moment, I've been walking on clouds, feeling as lucky as can be, Living life with someone I love in such perfect harmony, A life so merrily, a life so happily, and today, how wonderful it is to share this anniversary

Right: "Tomorrow" A thousand more kisses, A thousand more cheers, A thousand more misses, A thousand more fears, A thousand more hisses, A thousand more tears, A thousand more stars we will try to reach, A thousand more walks on a moonlit beach, A thousand more dreams we will continue to share, A thousand more schemes we will continue to dare, Just looking forward to tomorrow, together you and me, Looking forward to each passing year, so we can cherish another anniversary

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