Click to enlargeBoss Greeting Card 12-102

Outside: "You know you are the boss" When you are right even when you are wrong, When your office door is considered the gateway to hell, When you are overpaid and underworkded, When the only work you do is sign papers and read the wall street journal, When the dress code for you is a bathrobe and slippers, When you go for a power lunch and disappear for 3 hours, When no one never ever parks in your parking space, When you get to make all the rules and you're only one who gets to break them, When you get to go play golf or go shopping in the middle of the work day, When you tell really lame jokes and people still laugh, When you walk in the door and everyone stops talking and starts working, When you hold office meetings and you get to ask all the stupid questions, When you get to have a secretary that can't type, can't add, can't spell, can't.......

Inside: It's good to be the boss!

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