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Outside: Stand up tall and be proud, But don't be so obnoxious and so loud, Go and mow the lawn, Get your share before it's gone, Always reach for the sky, Be honest and don't lie, Go and learn your art, know what you want from the very start, Learn as much as you can, Listen and understand, Try to go for the gold, Know now before you're too old, Show respect to others, cause we're all sisters and brothers, We're all in it together, Teamwork is forever, Follow your dreams, Follow those schemes, You should always say please, You shouldn't taunt and tease, Read your books and study, I'm you Dad your buddy, Go and wash the car, Practice hard and one day you'll be a star, help others in need, Be All that you can be, Hold your head up while you walk, Look me in the eye while you talk, Don't waste your money, Life is not so funny, An honest day's work deserves a honest day's pay, You work hard but you should also play, Let it out and say what have to say, Never give up for there will always be a way, Be proud of who you are, Be determined and you will go far, Follow your heart, Always do your part

Inside: I hear you, Dad, I hear you!

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