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Outside: "14 Signs your Doctor may be Lying when he says it's not going to Hurt" When he received his M.D. from a mail order study course, When he moonlights as a butcher at a meat market, When Dr. #1 is named Moe, Dr. # 2 is named Larry and Dr. # 3 is named Curley, When he goes into a trance and starts chanting, When he uses a hammer for anesthesia, When he faints when the nurse starts to draw blood, When he uses an instruction manual and turns it upside and then scratches his head, When every pill he gives you, he takes two, When he has no name on his nametag, but has a skull and crossbones, When he quacks every time he sneezes, When he reads your chart upside down and pronounces you dead, When all the nurses call him Dr. Death, When he goes to the medicine cabinet to get medicine, he also helps himself to a little of this and little of that

Inside: If your doctor shows any of these symptoms, My diagnosis is that you run like hell! Hope you're feeling better and take care

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