Click to enlargeGrandparents Greeting Card 15-100

Outside: "Ode to Grandparents" Their lives span over a thousand years, And probably span a thousand more, They are a wealth of knowledge, They seen it all before, They were Knights at King Arthur's round table, They were Musicians in Beethoven's fifth, They were Farmers in the great depression, They were Hippies in the counter culture, They were Cyberfreaks in the computer revolution, Everywhere you turn to, Everywhere you look, Grandma and Grandpa have been there, like the lines in a history book, They're Shakespeare, Einsten, Darwin, Mozart, all roll into one, Try to find anybody as worldly and you'll find there are none, I'm glad they are my grandparents, I'm glad they are still around, If I ever need a question answered or a personal problem solved, I just turn to my grandparents and I know the answer will be found

Inside: Q: How did Grandpa meet Grandma? A: By hitting her over the head with a club and then dragging her into his cave...........How romantic!

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