Click to enlargeLove/Romance Greeting Card 04-109

Outside: "Thinking of You"

Inside: Design paper with the following:

Left side Top: SPRING - Flowers blooming everywhere, Love and music are in the air, Oh what a wonderful feeling, Oh what a wonderful day, Not a care in the world, let the clouds carry us away, The sky so blue, Our love so true, What can be better than to share this with you.

Left side bottom: SUMMER - A thousand stars dazzle above so bright, The moon as full as the love I have for you tonight, Gaze above and you can almost see to eternity, Gaze into your eyes and you can feel the serenity, Nothing seems to matter, Time just standing still, I have always loved you and I forever will.

Right side top: FALL - Colors of a rainbow dancing on every tree, Colors so brilliant as far as the eye can see, But change is coming as the colors fade to gray, Such is life, autumn leaves must fall some day, Yet through it all, one thing will always stay the same, The love I have you which burns like an eternal flame.

Right side bottom: WINTER - As icicles glisten with starlight, a snow angel comes to life, trailing stardust as she flies through the night, As snowflakes chill gently, the air is filled with the cool freshness of a soft wintery breeze, It's peace and harmony, everyone at ease, It's a time of giving, a time of receiving, a time to be cherished by all, It shows that our love is for all seasons, be it Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

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