Click to enlargeLove/Romance Greeting Card 04-110

Outside: "Forever"

Inside: Design paper with the following:

Left side top: MONDAY - Misty with love but feeling fine, I just can't get you out of my mind, You're someone special, a one of a kind, Another like you I can never find, I'm stuck in limbo, stuck on cloud nine, I just can't get you out of my mind.

Left side middle: TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY - All through the day and all through the night, All I can do is just dream of you, When I'm alone, I'm feeling blue, Everything has turned into a gray colored hued, How can you stop this feeling so true, Only a kiss from you can brighten up my mood.

Left side bottom: THURSDAY - There's a storm brewing within my heart, the longing that I'm feeling is just tearing me apart, I've been like this since the day's first start, Not a moment goes by without a tear in my eye, There are times when I just want to lay down and die, For the loneliness I'm feeling is cutting me like a dull knife, What I need is you, the love of my life.

Right side top: FRIDAY - A minute seems like a hour, a hour seems like a day, But if the reward for waiting is to be with you, then all is okay, As soon as the bells rings, I'm on my way, We'll soon be together, hooray, hooray, In the blink of an eye, the drop of a pin, out the door I go without delay.

Right side middle: SATURDAY - You make me so happy I can almost sing, You make so happy I feel like a king, You make me so happy, everyday is spring, The wonder and excitement, the joy and enlightenment, that no one else but you can bring, The love I have for you is a many splendored thing.

Right side bottom: SUNDAY - Days may come and days may go, With you by my side you will always know, That in my heart is where you will see the love that exists between you and me, A love so strong, a love so deep, a love that will forever keep, For you're my one and only, a dream come true, Today I can never be lonely cause I am here with you.

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