Click to enlargeLove/Romance Greeting Card 04-104

Outside: "I am" I am the fire that's in your eyes, I am the compassion of long good-byes, I am the warmth of the setting sun, I am the thrill of victory won, I am the beauty of a fine spring day, I am the clouds that will carry you away, I am the promises, I am the dreams, I am the wishes, I am the moon beams, I am the flowers, I am the trees, I am the birds, I am the bees, I am ever, I am forever, I am love, I am love

Inside: I'll pick you flowers, I'll give you dollars, I'll give you anything you want, Did you say you want a new car?, Like I said - I'll pick you free flowers, I'll give you two dollars, I'll give you anything my minimum wage-go-nowhere job can afford, But at least, I have tons of love to give

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