Click to enlargeLove/Romance Greeting Card 04-107

Outside: " Statistics show that Females in a relationship always outlive the Male....Why! " -->Female forces male to take cold showers once too often, causing male to catch pneumonia and die -->Female will nag and nag untl the male dies form shock -->Female will always hang underwear on the shower bar causing the male to hang himself by accident with pantihose -->Female will have PMS, male will try to mate, male gets clobbered with a frying pan -->Female gets so strong using a thigh exerciser, male gets crushed like a walnut while doing the wild thing -->Male does all the work during sex, causing vital organ burnout -->Male's frustration with female's untimely headaches, which is the #1 cause of strokes and heart-attacks in males -->Male eats meals once too often cooked by female who has the ability to burn water -->Male hormones and ego, a deadly combo that causes male to do things for female even if it kills him -->Male depression, while depressed females eat and eat, depressed males drink and drink untl their livers fall off

Inside: Blank

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