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Outside: Do your homework, Do your housework, Make your bed, Be home by 10 instead, Don't play in the rain, You're driving mom insane, Eat your brussels sprout, It's time for your paper route, Don't play with your food, Don't be so rude, How many times must I say no, Don't mop the floor so slow, Close the door to the fridge, Don't jump off the bridge, Give the dog a bath, Be good or suffer god's wath, Clean your room, Sweep the floor with the broom, Don't sit so close to the TV, Don't loose your only key, Apologize to your sister, Call the nice man mister, Say sorry to your brothers, Don't make fun of others, Go to bed without any supper, Be nice cause I'm you mother, You are grounded for the week, Take a bath or else you're gonna reek, Don't put your feet on the table, Go find a job cause you're young and able, Time to go to bed, You heard what I said, You can play tomorrow, No need to buy when you can borrow, Go read your book, Don't give me that dirty look, Wash your hands before supper, You'll get hurt if you play any rougher, Mom is always right, Give mom a kiss before you say good night

Inside: I hear you, Mom, I hear you!

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